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  • Forbidden to use the vulnerability, mistakes and imperfections in the playing process, as well as the rules of the game.
  • Forbidden to use more than one team (account) in the game.
  • Prohibited the transfer of the management team to another party to the project.
  • Prohibited the use of different scripts and programs that automate or modernizing gameplay, without the permission of the authors project.
  • Forbid insults, threats against other participants in the project administration.
  • Prohibited communication (mail, forum) that violate the ethical standards of communication, as well as violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, the marketing of online games, internet resources, and various types of products and activities (spam).
  • You may not register and do not play in their country (if it is in the list).

These rules may be changed by the administration of the project without any agreements and warnings.