News / BON`s, PRO-package and new screenshots

Hello, friends!

Today it will be about finance. But about finance is not in-game, but about real money.
Certainly everyone understands that any project including and online game, for its existence requires financial investments. We - not the exception. At the stage of creation and testing of our manager, of course, all costs are borne by the development team. But in the future we are counting on the help of users. What will it consist of?

In our project will be a game currency - BON`s (BiathlONline). They can be purchased for real money. Through BON`s can be paid a full PRO-package and individual options. On the specific application and use of BON`s will be a special section in the Manual. Immediately we want to announce that the price of the PRO-package will be minimal, comparable to the purchase of a pack of chips and a bottle of lemonade. We hope that this does not will frighten away our users.

And now the most important declaration!!!

The using of the PRO-package will not give any in-game advantage!!!

With its help you will receive beauty, convenience, more extended statistics. None of this will give superiority in the game. Here for comparison - a few screenshots. Under them will be written "PRO" and "not PRO ". But we think you will understand everything yourself.





















































After the creation of the team, each manager will receive a free PRO-package for a period of 7 days. You will be able to try and assess for themselves the need to purchase PRO-package in the future.

That's all for now. Follow the link to the forum, ask questions. Discuss:)


  • Posted on 2018-05-16
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    News / BON`s, PRO-package and new screenshots