Russian independence day

We congratulate you on this holiday! Power and greatness of our homeland causing awe and respect. I would like to see every citizen living in the vast expanses from Kaliningrad to the Far East feel happy, free, successful and independent. Let the generosi

BON`s, PRO-package and new screenshots

Hello, friends! Today it will be about finance. But about finance is not in-game, but about real money. Certainly everyone understands that any project including and online game, for its existence requires financial investments.

Work continues

Work on the project continues. We want to please You the first screenshots of the game pages.

Registration is open

Registration users site is open. Games of the page is not yet available. You should test the process of registration and authorization. All, even the most minor, malfunctions please report to the forum topic discussion of the news.

Resumed work on the project BIATHLONLINE. Registered domain name

Access to the site is temporarily closed

Access to the site is temporarily closed. Work on the project continues.

Aleksey Zaitsev

To work on a project was connected Aleksey Zaitsev aka alekseyzaitsev. To It by was assigned function of administrator.

Domain name

Appeared an idea to create an online sports simulator of biathlon, for this task was registered the domain name